Tuesday, January 07, 2014

WSEAS found an India-based website which is a bad counterfeit of WSEAS.

WSEAS found an India-based website which is a bad counterfeit of WSEAS.

Specifically, since September 2013, a significant amount of complaints by WSEAS members has been arriving to our headquarters, regarding an immense SPAM attack from an unknown - under-construction site similar to WSEAS that the WSEAS members were submitted to (See [1] below ). The spam in question did not include any senders' names, and we never learned who was behind this illegal action. Obviously these people stole WSEAS members’ emails using various questionable methods (e.g. phishing etc).

Then they proceeded to plagiarize our website and slightly alter our name, aiming to fool the members of our academic community and steal participants from our conferences.

This is an immoral and illegal practice, to plagiarize our website and steal WSEAS members’ emails. Several WSEAS members were deceived and agreed to be included in their committees.

So, WSEAS found many participants of WSEAS conferences in this strange web page. WSEAS contacted them and almost all replied that this happened without their knowledge.

WSEAS will inform the Universities of those WSEAS members about this fraud that they fell victims of.

WSEAS will also be contacting the electronic crime authorities of India (country that hosts the bogus WSEAS Site ), if they do not withdraw the bogus WSEAS site immediately. WSEAS proposed them to rename this counterfeit site with the bogus name or to close it.

WSEAS informed this organization to change its name within 3 days, otherwise all members of the academic community will be contacted and informed about this fraudulent, fake "WSEAS" that they have created.

WSEAS also informed all the academic scholars to remove their name from this fake WSEAS Site, in order to resolve this matter, before we begin emailing our members, the indexes, IEEE, IET, Springer, Elsevier, Hindawi etc as well as all the universities that we've been collaborating with since 1996, about this.

Please, note that WSEAS has no connection with these conferences of this site in India. WSEAS has never endorsed or officially cooperated with any WSEAS Annex in India

Furthermore, it should be noted that WSEAS does not provide email mailing lists to other organizations in India and therefore WSEAS has no connections with them.

The email promoting the activities of this new strange organization raises another serious issue. The email announcements of this fake entity have taken verbatim, without permission or attribution, text from the WSEAS web pages and mailed it to their victimes. This text would seem to imply ties with WSEAS. WSEAS members should be assured that no such ties exist.

The use of the name WSEAS and the design of the "bogus WSEAS" web pages may confuse WSEAS members into thinking there is a connection. We wish to state emphatically that there is no such connection.

WSEAS encourages its members to ignore all such e-mail from this India-based "counterfeit WSEAS", its officers, or its conference organizers in the future.

We wish to continue to support the concerns of our members. Please report any details concerning fraudulent or plagiaristic or bogus or fake activity.