Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fake Bogus Conferences from Leo Bouchard ( claiming that they are ... EUROPMENT Conferences

We received an email from from an unknown conference organization (based in Canada or India) that claims collaboration with EUROPMENT. 

The Spam message of this fake and bogus organization says that extended version of the best papers in this bogus conference will be published in EUROPMENT Journals and EUROPMENT Books.

EUROPMENT does not have any relation with these Fake Conferences in Canada and India.
This bogus organization uses the name and logo of EUROPMENT without any permission. Its advertizing practices are predatory and mock and bogus and fake. 
Some papers published in this fake conferences' organization have lifted from EUROPMENT ( without permission. These papers are republished in this site without the permission of EUROPMENT and without the permission of their authors. EUROPMENT has already sent emails to these authors, these victims of the other fake EUROPMENT web site.
At the moment, there is no any EUROPMENT conference in Canada nor in India. So, if you receive any Call For Papers for a EUROPMENT Conference in Canada or India, forward this email (with the headers) to us:, report it to your university and inform us about any other plagiarizing activity.
The owner of the bogus and fake misguiding and misleading web site is some Leo Bouchard
and his email is

Please, send emails and inform your colleagues that Leo Bouchard ( has no connection and has no relation with EUROPMENT.
EUROPMENT does not recognize the conferences of 
Leo Bouchard as genuine academic conferences rather than a scam. They are fake, bogus conferences with absolutely no relation with EUROPMENT. EUROPMENT is a non-profit organization without any relation with Leo Bouchard ( fake, bogus, predatory, scam, mock, sham activities and  fake, bogus, predatory, scam, mock, sham conferences.
For 2014, 2015 etc, the only genuine and real EUROPMENT conferences are the conferences that EUROPMENT presents in our official web site:
So, for 2014 and 2015, we do not sponsor, we do not support, we do not support technically any other conference. Only the conferences of belong to us. Any other conference outside the domain that claims or pretend relations wtih EUROPMENT is fake and bogus. We do not know also if the name Leo Bouchard is real or a fake internet figure, a fake internet persona.
So, be careful and be aware of Leo Bouchard fake EUROPMENT activites. The real EUROPMENT has never authorized Leo Bouchard to use our name (EUROPMENT) and has links in his site back to us:
If somebody knows who is Leo Bouchard or thinks who is behind Leo Bouchard, let send and email to me

Zoe Michel
EUROPMENT Headquarters
Neofiti Rilski 61, Sofia 1000
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